Pumpkin seed

grey volga

(Volzhskaia Gray-92) — is a mid-growth (102-121 days from

germination to harvesting) sort. Plants are tall (up to 8 meters) and strong. A fruit

is slightly or moderately flattened, segmented or poorly sleek, with a weight of 6-9

kg. The color of the fruit is light gray with some greenish shade; no pattern. The

pulp is creamy yellow, of a medium density, sweet. The period of storage is long.


lady nail

Solid nut shell, medium ripe. The ripening of the fruit begins at 95-105 days from

germination. Plants are grown as a bush. The fruit is rounded or slightly flattened,

light gray in color, smooth, weighing 3-5 kg. The pulp is light yellow, crunchy, a

little sweet, with a thickness of 5-7 cm. Seeds are yellow-cream, with a large seed

chamber. Average portability and fruit weight. One of the best varieties of pumpkin

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